CMS (Content Management System)

At ICDS, we have the ideal team to manage, program and monitor your content across all your different screens, according to your programming schedule. Our team is available to handle any content changes in less than 4 hours. Our clients determine what they want to run, where they want to run it, and we make it possible!

Spot designs

We have a department of skilled graphic designers specialized in digital signage whose role is to design and create the materials that our clients want to display on their screens. These materials are 100% customized depending on the needs of each client.

Queueing system

We have developed an electronic numbering system that allows customers to view the progress of their turn on the screen circuit. This optimizes the time of the end consumer and improves the shopping experience, resulting in an increase in the average ticket, particularly in the case of supermarkets.

Ad Hoc developments

Our team of engineers can develop any customized solution to suit your business needs.

Technical Support

ICDS offers a first and second-line technical support service, backed by a ticketingsystem and FAQs. In addition to providing a 24 hours technical support service every day, for an additional cost

Interactive Kiosk

We have developed an interactive kiosk system that provides efficient self-service to customers, allowing them to access important information without the need for assistance from the store staff.