Video content development

At ICDS we have an expert team in creating videos and animations, designed exclusively to communicate through digital screens.

With more than 2,500 designs made, we have the experience and quality necessary to guarantee a dynamic, attractive piece capable of stealing all the eyes of the audience.

Can you imagine being able to buy a 30-second animation at the best market price and have it ready in less than 72 hours?

At ICDS we make it possible!

Content management

At ICDS, we have the ideal team to manage, schedule and monitor the contents of all your screens and their different playlists. Our team is available to change contents in less thank 4 hours.

Our customers determine what to communicate on the screens, and we make it possible !

AI - Facial Recognition System

We offer different types of cameras that record relevant data for your activations, when installed next to the screens that are located inside your business.

Facial recognition, vehicle recognition anf foot traffic count.

Using a simple dashboard, you can access to view all the information from your cameras and obtain insights to be able to act accordingly.


Player warranty

For ICDS to honor this warranty, you must present a valid proof of purchase. This warranty is void if ICDS determines that the player may have been damaged through modification, improper use, end user negligence, water damage.

Lost of data due to installations not made by ICDS or OS manipulation are not covered by this warranty.
This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the player and is subject to the mentioned conditions. The customer is responsible for all costs related with shipping and handling of the players back to ICDS.

Limited manufacturer warranty
If the player has any defect, such defect will be repaired or the player replaced with a new of refurbished one under ICDS discretion, without charge, if shipped to ICDS within 365 days from the date of purchase. This warranty only covers manufacturer defects and the player must be returned to ICDS in its original condition including all accesories and proof of purchase.

Changing the operating system
If the player was modified or installed
with other operating system, or it was manipulated; ICDS is not
responsible for damages, lost of data or ICDS licence deactivation.

to load another operating system may render the player inoperative,
void the warranty and delete the incorporated licence.
To fix these types of errors generates a cost for the customer of U$S 80 per player.